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Recognize ETH2 income only when they become liquid and tradeable
Please add a feature to be able to configure CoinTracker to recognize ETH2 income only when it becomes liquid and tradeable. CoinTracker currently recognizes ETH2 income at the time staking rewards are received. As listed in CoinTracker's own write up on ETH2 rewards at https://www.cointracker.io/blog/ethereum-2-tax-guide , there is a stance that there isn't a taxable event until "the merge" (and possibly even until the post-merge cleanup when withdrawing staked ETH is supported) occurs: "Of note: the taxpayer doesn’t have the taxable event until they gain dominion and control over their ETH2 rewards. This occurs when the user has the ability to move/trade ETH2." In fact, Kraken takes this stance and their FAQ states that their 1099-MISC (for tax year 2021 at least) will not include ETH2 rewards. See https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001184966-Tax-forms-Frequently-asked-questions "Are ETH2 rewards included on my Form 1099-MISC? ETH2 rewards are NOT included on your 2021 Form 1099-MISC. ETH2 rewards may be reported to you on a Form 1099 in the year when they become liquid and tradeable on Kraken. You should plan accordingly with your tax advisor for this potential future taxable event." As it stands, currently this results in crypto tax reporting using CoinTracker differing (potentially significantly) from what Form-1099 MISC will inform IRS since they are shared with the IRS. Some taxpayers might want to avoid having discrepancy between the information the agency has on file already, and what taxpayers sent to IRS. For example, 1099-K issuance in the recent past by crypto exchanges had being a source of confusion and tax reporting difficulties.
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