User reports some loan balances as accurate, some as inaccurate and some not being flagged correctly on Coinbase.
CoinTracker does import collateral loan transactions, as a user I expect all of my collateral loan transactions to be imported and the balances to be accurate and fresh.
The CoinTracker team is investigating this behavior, we will update this post once a fix is deployed. We are requesting users remove and re-add their Coinbase exchange to ensure they are on the most up to date version of their Coinbase integration.
: Removing your exchange will result in losing any manual edits / transaction for that exchange. We have had a number users see their loan transactions corrected with a full re-sync of their Coinbase account. If the behavior persists please proceed to the below instructions.
We recommend users use the following guide to fill in the gaps on any missing loan transactions. Users can export their exchange CSV as a source of truth and identify missing or inaccurate transactions as imported into CoinTracker.