Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Happy October! Our team has been hard at work, and we can't wait to share the latest product improvements with you.
Oh, and a little reminder for US taxpayers – the extended tax deadline is on October 16th. Get your crypto tax report today.
Now, let's dive into all the exciting updates 👇
Dark mode comes to desktop and mobile
You now can choose in settings whether to view CoinTracker in light mode, dark mode, or have it automatically update based on your device’s theme. Just in time for fall’s darker evenings.
Coinbase staking and earn coverage
Coinbase staking and earn transactions are now auto-tracked on CoinTracker. Coinbase staking balances will be included in your portfolio, and staking rewards will show up as income in the tax center.
Expanded NFT coverage
We’ve also added support for ERC-1155 tokens on the following EVM chains: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Moonriver, Optimism, and Polygon. So, more of your NFT trades will now be imported and included in your tax calculations auto-magically.
Per-wallet tax loss harvesting insights
Portfolio Pro subscribers can now see tax loss harvesting opportunities split out by wallet (using the per-wallet cost basis method). This enables harvesting more losses surgically, by knowing exactly which wallet or exchange to sell assets from.
US taxpayers: taxes are due October 16
If you filed for an extension or live in a state or county that received an automatic extension, the deadline is approaching. No stress, we’ll help you generate accurate crypto tax reports in a fraction of the time. Get started today.
Collaborate with your tax pro at no extra charge
We heard your feedback and updated our pricing. Now, you can collaborate with your preferred tax professional on CoinTracker, at no additional charge. Invite your tax pro today.
Latest bug fixes and small improvements




September Update

The IRS just proposed 282-pages of new crypto tax regulations. Our team has sifted through it and summarized it here, outlining how CoinTracker has you covered as the ecosystem evolves. We are also excited to share our latest product updates that make your taxes even easier:
Add wallets seamlessly on mobile
You can now seamlessly add wallets on the CoinTracker mobile apps. We’ve launched a sleeker experience, built specifically for mobile, so you can easily add your wallets on the go. Try adding your exchanges and wallets to CoinTracker today (Android, iOS).
Goodbye spam tokens
No more pesky spam tokens inflating your portfolios. We recently launched an update that fixes spam tokens masquerading as legitimate ones. This fix has automatically been applied to your account, and you’ll see more accurate portfolio balances and transactions. Head over to your dashboard to see it live.
Downloadable tax form links
To protect your privacy, CoinTracker now sends you download links for tax forms rather than email attachments. Pro tip: Save these forms so you can easily refer to them later.
Revamped taxable income section
We have clarified the taxable income section on the tax center. You can now learn more about each category's meaning and how it impacts your taxes. We also added transaction counts so you have additional insight into your income.
Latest bug fixes
We hope you’re having a fun summer — we certainly did working on these improvements. Here are some of the updates rolling out to CoinTracker:
🤖 Automatically fetch Lido ETH rewards
If you stake ETH on Lido, we’ll now automatically fetch your staking rewards, including historical rewards, and tag them. We’ve also updated our tax plans to avoid nickel and diming you for many small staking transactions. We hope you feel the warm fuzzies watching the steady accrual of stETH in your wallets.
Coinbase Prime integration is live
You can now add your Coinbase Prime account to CoinTracker to track your portfolio and sync your transactions. Start your taxes early and add your Coinbase Prime account to CoinTracker today.
🏖️ Base mainnet integration is live
If you're ready for Onchain Summer, you can rest easy knowing that CoinTracker has the support you need to prepare for the next tax season. Sync your wallets on Base mainnet to CoinTracker to start tracking your portfolio with ease.
📱 Improved transactions experience in mobile apps
Our mobile apps now show outgoing tokens, incoming tokens, and transaction fees. It's also easier to edit, ignore, and tag transactions. Dive into your transactions on the go:
⚖️ Redesigned portfolio performance
See your portfolio’s value, unrealized return, and total return side by side. Selecting a tab shows how performance has changed over time. And while we were at it, we added an explainer for how performance numbers are calculated.
☁️ Easily import CoinTracker CSVs
Importing spreadsheets to CoinTracker just got a refresh. Our CoinTracker CSV format auto-accepts popular date formats, columns can be in any order, and handles extra-long numbers automatically.
Bug fixes
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We’re already halfway through the year — phew! Here are some of the updates that are rolling out to CoinTracker:
Balances are now based on your transaction history
One of the most common requests we hear is for manual, edited, and ignored transactions to be reflected on the Dashboard and Wallet screens. Now, all balances are based on your transaction history, including all edits you make. This also means what you see on your Dashboard and Wallet screens are now consistent with your tax calculations.
📰 Refreshed dashboard
The main chart has been simplified on your dashboard, with performance data moved to a new sidebar section. The page also now loads much faster.
See which wallets are holding each of your coins
If you have many wallets, it can be hard to track where you’re holding your coins. Now you can see a breakdown of wallet balances for a given coin. On web, click on the coin’s name to see a list of wallet balances. From there, you can also review your transactions for that coin and wallet.
Balance over time for specific coins
On web and mobile, you can now see your portfolio balance over time for specific coins in your portfolio. Perfect for seeing how your stack is growing, even if coin prices aren’t always going up.
Latest bug fixes
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It might be summer but crypto never skips a beat. We had an action-packed month and are pumped to share our latest product updates:
Redesigned price pages:
Want to create a crypto watchlist of your favorite tokens? We have you covered. Check out our crypto price pages, now with fresh designs sure to make tracking the crypto market more fun than ever.
Speedy transaction review:
Our new transaction review capabilities make it easy for you to edit the cost basis and proceeds of your assets. We have added 1-click confirmation for $0 cost basis or proceeds to quickly resolve issues. Additionally, we have improved the edit cost basis and proceeds modals, allowing you to simply enter a price and let us handle the rest for you.
Latest bug fixes:
Our team has also been hard at work squashing bugs so your experience on CoinTracker is more seamless. Here are some of our latest fixes:For more, follow us on Twitter.
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